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The Lifeboat:  Surviving The Writer's Life


the Lifeboat: surviving the writers life

     We have also created The Lifeboat. This book came out of a round table discussion at one of our Gotta Read That! writer retreats. During the discussion, we realized we had something important to say and thought other writers might find valuable information to help them with navigating the writing life. The Lifeboat: Surviving the writer's life is not a 'how to write manual'; it is a book  intended for writers—both published writers and writer who are starting out—who are doing their best to make it not just in publishing but in being a writer.  This is truly a 'how and why we write' round table discussion, which dug deep into our lives as writers and how we, as writers, not only survive the publishing world but how we make a living and a life while doing what we love. 
    The six Gotta Read That writers have a century and a half of writing and publishing experience, and over 125 fiction titles available in print and eBook. If you're pondering a career in writing and publishing, or feel your publishing career has stalled or is simply not as much fun as it used to be, this book has insights for you with articles that range from how and why a book gets rejected by traditional publishers, to how to deal with family members who want you to read their stories (or write them!), to deciding what you need to do to make sense (and cents!) out of a writing career.


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How does a writer survive
the publishing life?
What does it take
to be a writer?
The Lifeboat: Surviving
the writer;'s life

was born in a round
table discussion about
how we six write.
The Lifeboat: A writer's survival guide


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