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'A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer.' Karl Kraus      
Gotta Read That! is a fun informative site packed with tips on writing, inside looks at the writing life, favorite reads, the occasional 
The Lifeboat: Surving the writers's lifefilm review, and anything else that catches the quirky gazes of the six muses who rule the writing world of our Gotta Read That! authors.
We have also created a book titled The Lifeboat.  This non-fiction work came out of a round table discussion at one of our GottaReadThat! writers's retreats.  By the time we finished the discussion, we realized we had something important and what other writers might consider valuable in terms of helping them with their writing. Ours is a unique idea, because The Lifeboat: Surviving the writer's life is not just a 'how to write manual'; rather,it is a book  intended for writers—both published writers and writer who are starting out—who are doing their best to make it in the publishing world.  This is truly a 'how we write' round table discussion, which dug deep into our lives as writers and brought out the writer's life and how we, as writers, not only survive the publishing world but we make a living doing so. 

Among the six of us, we have a century and a half of writing experience and have published over a 125 novels of  Suspense, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Mythological Fantasy, love stories, Thrillers, Mysteries, Fantasies and Science Fiction.    Please join us and learn about our writers, their works and what they think about the publishing world. We offer blogs, book reviews, movie reviews and more.  C.B. Pratt's musing on films and the correct munchies for each one, David Wind's book and wine pairings, Words of wisdom from our resident research guru Sandra Kitt; and, Laura Castoro's thoughts on Romance, History and the K-9 world.  Our editor in residence and fellow writer Terese Ramin will be offering tips on how the editorial process works, and don't hesitate to ask C.B. anything from ancient mythology to how to get the best out of Disney World or read Pat Roy's take on writing in  Old Dixie.

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