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 October, 2014:
 Meet the writers.

Welcome to the Lifeline, an ongoing newsletter designed to be a resource for writers.  What we are attempting, is to put out a general information newsletter that will hopeful become a tool for writers.  We look forward to your questions and your insights as we share our publishing world experiences.  

Indie Versus Trad

Are you an Independent author, one who publishes their work outside the bounds of the traditional publishing world; or, are you with a publishing house(s)?  Either way, there is room for both in the publishing world, the issue is how to survive in either one and beginning soon, we ill be bringing you lots of information on publishing.  Stay Tuned.


How does a writer survive
the publishing life?
What does it take
to be a writer?
The Lifeboat: Surviving
the writer;'s life

was born in a round
table discussion about
how we six write.
The Lifeboat: A writer's survival guide


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