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Why do we call ourselves writers instead of authors?  

The answer is simple.  A writer writes: an author has written.  

We are all multi-published authors; however, we are all ongoing professional writers, who practice their art on a daily basis. We write because creative writing is what we do—it is who we are.  Together, we have published more than 125 novels of Mystery,Romance, Historical Adventure, Suspense, Romantic Suspense, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Thrillers. and Speculative Fiction..  

Each of the writer's page is loaded with details.  Their bios, books, and bibliographies are there along with information on each writer.

We hope you will visit all of us, to learn what we do, and what is available for you to read.  We love hearing from out readers, so feel free to use the email contact and send us your thoughts, questions and comments.

  The Writer's of GOTTA READ THAT!

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Laura Castoro                Sandra Kitt                            C.B. Pratt

Laura Castorey/D.D.Ayres / Sandra Kitt / C.B. Pratt

Terese Ramin                       Pat Roy                      David Wind

Terese Ramin | Pat Roy |  David Wind

Jeff Gunhus

Jeff Gunhus

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How does a writer survive
the publishing life?
What does it take
to be a writer?
The Lifeboat: Surviving
the writer;'s life

was born in a round
table discussion about
how we six write.
The Lifeboat: A writer's survival guide


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